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Hycorr Machine Corp proudly announces a new, complimentary 24/7 phone service and support line to its customer base for the coming year. One phone call now connects customers to this free service offered by today s Hycorr. Backed by over a century of strength from KOLBUS America, Hycorr delivers even more productivity, more quality and more service for everyone involved.

Hycorr continues to lead the way in both product and service innovations. This is the latest innovation to come out of Hycorr since we teamed up with KOLBUS America. True, round-the-clock, complimentary service is now at your fingertips with Hycorr, explains President Robert Shafer. "We asked our customers how we could help them perform better and produce more. Top priority on everyone's list was round-the-clock service. Each and every customer is searching for new ways to get immediate attention whether it's at 3am in the morning or 8pm at night. We are thrilled to provide this quick response troubleshooting service when and where it is needed most."

Hycorr Machine has three product lines:

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